Gotta put these somewhere

Posted by: bobfrombob

Gotta put these somewhere - 11/28/12 12:56 PM

So I took advantage of the clearout sale and got a pair of these for the kitchen. I thought I had a spot to put them but now my wife is disagreeing (enough about my personal problems).

Anybody have any advice about ways to put these on a wall-mounted shelf or a wall mount arrangement? Obviously they need some clearance from the wall for the ports and I don't want to drill holes in them or anything.

Posted by: XenonMan

Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 11/28/12 05:07 PM

Paint them pink. Works for the NFL.
Posted by: 73Bruin

Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/10/13 02:32 PM

Didn't the outlaws have mounting brackets at one point?
Posted by: XenonMan

Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/10/13 03:24 PM

I could not find anything that indicates that the bookshelf speakers had any kind of mounting hardware. I am assuming BFM is talking about speakers and not pots and pans since you really can't tell from his post other than it is in this forum. I saw a friend use of all things an bicycle basket the hold his speakers on the wall without hampering their output.
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Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/11/13 10:05 AM

Yes, talking about the Outlaw bookshelf speakers. They don't have any mounting brackets and don't easily lend themselves to mounting because of the ports in the rear (I think 73Bruin is thinking of the LCR speaker which I think can be wall mounted fairly easily).

These get pretty good reviews and I have been seriously considering but the speakers are still in the box right now.

The bicycle basket sure is creative. I'm going to give it some thought.
Posted by: XenonMan

Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/11/13 10:23 AM

The bicycle basket is fugly and won't likely meet the WAF. My friend is single so he doesn't care. Without damaging the cabinets you have to rely on some sort of enclosure or a friction type device that can clamp the external box and then be mounted elsewhere. The wall mounts you looked at look like they would work but I would have a hard time putting expensive speakers on them. Have you the ability to place the speakers on top of you kitchen cabinets and the angle them using a wedge under the bottom?
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Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/11/13 10:44 AM

I somewhat share your concerns about the wall mounts - that's one reason I don't already have them (the other is that I would like the speakers a little further from the wall if possible). 'Cause using those mounts, one trick to getting the speakers further from the wall would be to angle them down, which I think is probably a weak point of that mounting system. They look like they would be pretty sound if they are totally horizontal.

I was actually thinking of a variation on the bicycle basket idea - there probably is an alternative that could work and not be fugyl. But you are likely right about the WAF. I had considered the cabinets and then mostly eliminated that option because of the height and dust up there, but with a wedge, that may actually be a good solution for the height issue. And I could just get off my ass and dust up there every once in a while....

Thanks for your thoughtful advice.
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Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/11/13 10:35 PM

I thought they had mounting brackets for both. Clearly I was wrong. I am sorry for the confusion.
Posted by: Keta

Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/12/13 09:32 AM

Bob if you would like, I will stop by the Crutchfield store and look at the speaker mounts and check out their quality. I will be going by their retail store this weekend.
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Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/18/13 04:32 PM

Thanks for the offer. Yeah, if you are going anyway and don't mind having a look, that would be great. The cupboard top solution isn't going to work. I have a (temporary???) solution right now but I wouldn't mind another opinion on these. Appreciate all the advice and assistance here.
Posted by: XenonMan

Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/19/13 02:39 AM

Another possibility would be to place them in a heavy fishnet and position them by suspending and adjusting the net to hold them in place. Done the right way it could even meet the WAF.
Posted by: Keta

Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/19/13 09:16 PM

Bob they didn't have the brackets on display holding a set of speakers but I did look at them in the box. Seem to be well made and substantial enough to hold any bookshelf speaker. Hope that helps.
Posted by: bobfrombob

Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/21/13 02:10 PM

Yes that does help. Thanks for taking the time to have a look. Your observations are consistent with most reviews - they do seem to be well regarded. I appreciate your efforts.
Posted by: XenonMan

Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/22/13 04:31 PM

If you get the brackets I would use some two sided sticky tape to hold the brackets to the speakers a little better. The tape can eventually be removed when needed and would make me feel more secure that those speakers don't fall.
Posted by: renov8r

Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/24/13 01:13 PM

This stuff is amazing: They say it is rated at "four pounds" but I have been using it to for stuff over 10 lbs! It is much thinner than the older foamy tape and removes cleanly with the 'streeeeetch' tab. It is also BLACK which makes it invisible with many speaker brackets.
Posted by: Blind Hog

Re: Gotta put these somewhere - 01/25/13 10:59 AM

Check out the Pinpoint AM40 mounting brackets from Crutchfield. I use these to mount 4 Paradigm Studio 20's. They are bullet proof and look very nice. They are solid steel with an attractive plastic cover. If you mount them into a stud in the wall, I think the 50lb rating for them is conservative. My Studio 20's have mounting screws imbedded on the bottom of the speaker that are threaded. I used them with an inexpensive metal strap I bought at the hardware store to insure that they don't vibrate loose and to avoid drilling holes in the speaker. They come with foam tape to put on the mount to avoid scatches on the speaker.