FM radio and sms-1

Posted by: Bob Becker

FM radio and sms-1 - 01/12/10 01:02 PM

I recently got an SMS-1 and, using Gonk's review and the Outlaws' guide set it up. Yes, it took a couple of tries, and I'm still not sure it's right. But it is making a noticeable difference in my far less than perfect media room.

The problem is FM radio, make that problems. For one thing, there appears to be a considerable amount of low level rumble in the FM signal that gets sent to the sub. It's there when music is playing, when djs are talking, and in the dead air between the two. This is so, even on WETA, our public broadcasting outlet, which plays classical music most of the time. It is there even with stations that have a strong signal.

The other is that the SMS-1 seems to add punch to words that end in P.

Any suggestions about how to deal with this, other than usin preset 6 to get the SMS-1 out of the way when listening to radio?