any updates out yet?

Posted by: Relentless

any updates out yet? - 10/26/07 12:35 PM

I have read some bad stuff about the SMS. Particurally about a nasty roll off at about 20HZ and some distortion coming from the input stage. Suposibly Velodyne is working on the roll off issue. any word on an update?
Posted by: mdrconsult

Re: any updates out yet? - 11/19/07 08:42 PM

OK, after reading this article I have come to the following conclusions and I am asking all of you if this would be your conclusions as well.

1) Under the "Channel Calibration" menu on the 990 set the subwoofer to -15db, the lowest setting.

2) Then on the SMS-1 when doing the initial level set for the test volume use the 990 volume to set the right side of the curve.

3) set the SMS-1 volume some where in the mddle to allow both up and down adjustments, say 15.

4) Use the SUB's volume to set the left side of the curve.

If I understand the article correctly it is suggesting that if the input signal to the SMS-1 is to large it will cause a disproportionate amount of distortion the lower the frequency goes. However at lower input levels the distortion can be kept to 0.1 to 0.2% which is not great but certainly better than the results shown when using a larger input signal to the SMS-1.

Has anyone out there heard this distortion in real life? I tried a couple of simple tests and although I thought that it did sound better at lower input levels to the SMS-1 I felt that it was no where near the kind of difference that was shown in the referenced article above.

I am curious as to what others think about this situation as this is the only article that I have ever seen giving the SMS-1 any kind of bad rap.

Thanks in advance for your comments,

Posted by: evan

Re: any updates out yet? - 11/22/07 11:41 AM

Just read on audioholics update is out-see subwoofer section
Posted by: Videodrome

Re: any updates out yet? - 11/29/07 07:42 PM

I just called Yoyodyne (a little Buckaroo Banzai humor for you) this afternoon (11/29) and they said the update will be posted on their web site by 11/30 or 12/3. Please note that you should download version 2.1.3.
Posted by: Videodrome

Re: any updates out yet? - 12/07/07 01:05 PM

The software was not posted on the website as of Tuesday, so I contacted Velodyne by email and they sent it to me. Just uploaded it to the SMS-1 last night. I will run some bass demos and report back any changes / improvements. I would also be curious to hear of feedback from other SMS-1 owners. Presumambly, this is outside the normal audible range, but if the distortion and roll off problems were as high as reported on hometheatershack, you would think there would be some improvement with the fixes.
Posted by: Phil_Fl

Re: any updates out yet? - 12/08/07 05:52 PM

The new software, ver. 2.1.3, is now posted on the Velodyne website.
Posted by: loopy

Re: any updates out yet? - 01/21/08 03:09 AM

Hi Videodrome, I was curious if there were any improvements or changes when you installed the new firmware? And I was also wondering if it resets all your settings and if it was easy to install.
Posted by: loopy

Re: any updates out yet? - 01/25/08 03:39 AM

Just did the update today,did'nt notice any differences other than you can set the rolloff lower, and the good news is that your settings remain intact.
Posted by: Videodrome

Re: any updates out yet? - 01/25/08 06:16 PM

loopy: Your results pretty much mirrored my own. Since we're talking about frequencies that are outside the normal audible range, I was not surprised I couldn't really discern any changes after the update. I did sleep better that night knowing they were there. smile

And, like you, I was relieved to see my EQ settings remained intact!