analog or digital? suggestions?

Posted by: davewb

analog or digital? suggestions? - 10/08/02 09:43 PM

I just got my ICBM along with a pioneer dv-47a dvd/dvd-a/sacd player (both will connect with my integra 9.1 receiver). obviously i will use the 5.1 channel analog connects into the icbm for dvd-a and sacd for bass management (couldn't do a multichannel digital signal even if i wanted to!).

my question, however, is whether i should run dolby digital and dts through the 5-channel analog connects to the icbm for its bass management capabilities, or should i run them through a digital cable directly into the integra (and use its less capable bass management).

would i gain enough with the icbm's bass management to offset the possible introduction of noise going the analog route?

thanks for your thoughts.
Posted by: Matthew Hill

Re: analog or digital? suggestions? - 10/09/02 06:32 PM

Try both and see what you like better.

I think it also comes down to how much you like the DACs in your Pioneer vs. the Integra.

Matthew J. Hill
Posted by: davewb

Re: analog or digital? suggestions? - 10/10/02 11:11 PM

good suggestion, matt -- thanks. i'll try it both ways and post the results here.