ICBM using 1050 direct pass through

Posted by: Todd Joseph

ICBM using 1050 direct pass through - 09/16/02 11:40 AM

Question on using the ICBM. I'm currently running a rega planet cd player through the analog direct pass through inputs in the 1050 to take advantage of the rega's DAC. I obviously don't get bass management with this set up and I'm considering purchasing the ICBM to provide the bass management. I'm only running stereo and not 5 channels. Am I correct in assuming that the ICBM can split out the .1 channel from a stereo output. Also, do I hook up the ICBM between the cd player and the Outlaw? Finally, how would I go about also attaching a dvd -a or SACP player into the system.

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Re: ICBM using 1050 direct pass through - 09/16/02 12:00 PM

1) Yep, the ICBM will produce a .1 channel from the Rega's stereo signal.

2) I would suggest locating the ICBM between the CD player and 1050's 6-channel input (left and right analog out from the Rega to the left and right inputs on ICBM; left, right, and sub outputs from the ICBM to the 1050's 6-channel input).

3) Adding a DVD-Audio or SACD player would become a little tricky, since you just used the 1050's one and only 6-channel input. You would probably want to use the ICBM for those as well, since you'd already have it. A switchbox upstream of the ICBM would let you use both the Rega and a DVD-A or SACD player. In your case, you could potentially get by with a single Radio Shack switch box on the left and right inputs of the ICBM (just don't leave the DVD-A/SACD player running when listening to the Rega, since the other channels from that player would be going straight to the ICBM at all times). Many people with DVD-A and SACD players have reported very good results using simple RS switch boxes to connect two 5.1 analog sources to a single 5.1 analog input. Some other people have elected to hunt down the Sony TAP-9000es ($400 or so), which is a 5.1 channel selector switch with several inputs. There is also a custom-built switch box available, although it's not cheap either.

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Posted by: Todd Joseph

Re: ICBM using 1050 direct pass through - 09/16/02 02:51 PM

Thanks for the quick reply, I just made the jump into bass management. I did a quick sketch and I can't believe how many sets of interconnects I'm going to need to set this up.