Video Switching (again)

Posted by: michaelstano

Video Switching (again) - 09/14/03 09:56 AM

The 950 is now partially wired in. I have done all but attach the amps.

I thought I understood how "video switching" worked, and, because I thought it would be helpful, I bought the extra cabling I needed to bring a component connection for the dvd into the 950, whereas previously my component connection was dvd-to-tv directly. However, although I have a great picture for tv, vcr, and dvd, the switching isn't working like I believed it would.

I have an s-video connection into the 950 from vhs and cable. I have an s-video connection to the tv from the 950 "s-video out." I have a component connection into the 950 from dvd. I have a component connection to the tv from the 950 "monitor out" component video.

I anticipated the above set-up would allow me to ignore the input button on the tv and just change the source on the 950. However, I must still change BOTH the tv and the 950 to watch dvd. I don't have to change the tv to go from cable to vcr.

Have I missed something? If the 950 seems to be properly configured, I'll know to look for solutions on the tv end (I have spent some time with the tv, but not much).

As ever, TIA for any help.
Posted by: Alejate

Re: Video Switching (again) - 09/14/03 10:28 AM

I'm not sure if I am undestanding your question correctly, but you are using two different inputs on your tv, (one S-video and one component video). Therefore, you will have to select which input you want to watch using your tv's remote. If the 950 upconverted every input to "component," then you could get away with never changing your tv's input, unfortunately it only upconverts to S-video. You could use your DVD player's S-video output and connect it to the 950 instead of component and now you could get away from switching the tv's input but you just sacrificed your progressive scan feature of the player. Hope I understood your question and that this helps you understand that you will have to switch the tv's input between your S-video and component video sources.
Posted by: boblinds

Re: Video Switching (again) - 09/14/03 12:15 PM

Alejate is correct. The issue here is that your TV does not automatically select between svideo and component inputs. You have to tell it which input to use.
Posted by: michaelstano

Re: Video Switching (again) - 09/14/03 01:13 PM

Thanks, once again, for straightening me out. I feel pretty certain this won't be the last time I ask for "adult supervision."

What you have written makes perfect sense, and I have now removed the extra cable, which I will return. No one will complain about getting a bit of money back on this project!

Posted by: boblinds

Re: Video Switching (again) - 09/14/03 02:01 PM


You may want to leave both connections in place. You'll get the best picture from your DVD player by using the component in/outputs. And if you have a video source (like cable or satellite) switching through your 950, you'll still need the svideo cable to transmit those sources to your TV.
Posted by: aej09

Re: Video Switching (again) - 09/15/03 10:23 PM

You can also program the macro feature on your 950 remote to switch the inputs on the 950 and TV consecutively by only hitting one button (theoretically-I haven't programmed it yet).