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Posted by: scalla

Music Performance - 06/15/06 07:54 AM

Having recovered from the purchase of a 990/7700 combo purchase I am now ready to buy a sub. My main speakers are Paradigm Studio 100s. My biggest concern is that the LFM1 (or LFM1-Plus) is not up to the quality of sound of the Paradigms for music. It would be great to only spend 600 bucks but I would much rather shell out twice that than degrade the current performance I enjoy for 2 channel music. Of course I could leave the sub off but I probably wont. The Axiom EP 500 would probably be my next choice. I would really like a Seismic 12 but $1800 is just too much. Any thoughts or experience would be great.
Posted by: gonk

Re: Music Performance - 06/15/06 08:11 AM

I have an LFM-1 paired with Paradigm Studio 60's, and consider it a very good match. You can check out my LFM-1 review (and my SMS-1 review , since it also relates to the pairing of LFM-1 and Paradigms) for some details on my experience with the combination.
Posted by: Ritz

Re: Music Performance - 06/17/06 06:00 PM

My LFM-1 matches up well with my Maggies now that the bass management is fixed in the 990. For the money, the LFM-1/plus is a pretty good tool for both LFE and music.

The only other smallish sub I've heard that I liked better (also with Maggies) was a REL, but that's quite a bit more expensive.

Posted by: scalla

Re: Music Performance - 06/19/06 06:38 AM

Went ahead and ordered the Plus. Thanks for the help.
Posted by: nfaguys

Re: Music Performance - 06/19/06 07:28 AM

LFM-1 is used with KEF 107s. Because I wanted my 990-7700 to run balanced I could not interpose the KEF KUBE (KEF' bass EQ/Mgmt). I guessed that the LFM-1 sub might make the difference, negating the need for the KUBE. Got lucky. To me it sounds like I don't need the (unbalanced) KUBE.

I would love any feedback from anyone using 107s and LFM.