Ad Contest

Posted by: Scott

Ad Contest - 09/23/05 04:59 PM

Hello Fellow Outlaws,

During our last "ad development meeting" we decided to take a sharp departure from our previous ads. We'd love to hear what you think. Please check out the following AD and let us know what you think right here in this thread. In 10 days, we'll randomly select one participant to receive $250 in Outlaw Bucks that can be used towards a new Model 1070, Model 990 or any of other products. These Outlaw Bucks are unrestricted, meaning that they may be used in conjunction with any product or promotion!

Posted by: bestbang4thebuck

Re: Ad Contest - 09/23/05 05:51 PM

Generally I have a positive reaction to the ad. Would you allow me to nit-pick a little?

I’m not one that usually peruses through audio mags, but I wonder how the information in this ad looks compared to other products that might be of lesser quality but have some “bigger” specs to offer, and maybe in some variations, a smaller price tag.

What are some of the strong points of Outlaw that may not show in the ad? Quality. Customer Support. Sometimes you don’t get better than some of the positive comments that appear right here in the Saloon for “actual user reality.” If I were a (insert Outlaw product here, like the 1070) owner that had made a positive comment here, I wouldn’t mind being quoted.

I guess what I’m getting at is, how can points beyond specs and capability in which Outlaw excels be represented in such an ad?

Other, smaller nit-picks: should the Lip-Sync Delay spec be changed to “(up to 200ms)?” I know that the word “Adjustable” means not a fixed delay, but some folks need things spelled out for them. Also, the hat over the 1070 could be a bit better as far as the fake shadow and the way the lip of the hat goes over the edge of the 1070.
Posted by: Prefect

Re: Ad Contest - 09/23/05 08:09 PM

I think it's a pretty eye-catching ad from a color and layout standpoint. The colors stand out, and it's not just another typical "pretty woman standing next to equipment" type of ad. I'm not sure if the Celtic font that says "how to steal like an Outlaw" is necessarily the right font. I also agree with the above comment - the hat looks like it was photoshopped in hastily.

There's the idea of "robbing" from the rich and bringing to the "poor," which is sort of what Outlaw does by bringing quality products to market for a good price.

I agree about the lip sync delay comment; it should say "up to 200ms," or provide the capable range (e.g. 0-200ms).

Maybe the bit about "direct inputs" should say "7.1 direct inputs" or something.

"Dolby Headphone" bullet item might be lengthened to say "Dolby Headphone support"

Not bad overall, though. It probably would have caught my eye.
Posted by: vince

Re: Ad Contest - 09/23/05 08:17 PM

I took a quick look at the ad and frankly think it looks a little cheesy. I think that the Robin Hood theme is weak. The Text font for the heading does not seem to fit well and makes the high end products you sell look cheap. A larger picture of the 1070 with a front and back view would be better to me. I think that a Cowboy hat and a train robbery theme would be a better fit for the outlaws. Get rid of Robin hood and go for Jesse James!!!
Posted by: DNicely1

Re: Ad Contest - 09/23/05 11:17 PM

Personally I like the Robin Hood theme,It would catch my eye. I do think you should draw more attention to "all channels driven", and I do agree about the lip sync delay as well. Maybe a shot of the back somehow on the same page or make it a two page add.........Whoa, easy to spend someone else's advertising dollars.
Posted by: painttoad

Re: Ad Contest - 09/24/05 08:53 AM

come on,Robin Hood wore tights!Outlaws are not sissies,how about guns & a stagecoach!

how about horses pulling a 1070 (on wagon wheels) ..."there's a new sheriff in town,folks"...
Posted by: Jason J

Re: Ad Contest - 09/24/05 09:43 AM

In general, I like the Robin Hood theme with the associated comments nicely mixed into the text. It keeps up with that great Outlaw sense of humor.

My problem with the ad is that is seems very much geared to someone who already knows more than a little bit about home theater. I know that the people in the Saloon generally know more than average, but I don't think we're the target customers considering how much equipment most of us already own. After working at an audio store, you're average consumer who's looking for a nicely priced set of home theater components is not going to know exactly what a "fully-featured, high performance 7.1 channel A/V receiver" entails.

I guess what I'm suggesting is some comparison to what other competitors may be offering and how the Outlaw is the "steal" that it is. Also, you may want to tone down the humor a touch to allow more of the pratical information to come out.

One more thing, to keep the technically inclined people happy, a photo of the rear panel showing all of the connections is always a good thing. smile
Posted by: Bill B.

Re: Ad Contest - 09/24/05 02:21 PM

I'm in agreement about adding a shot of the back. Also, a link to a full set of specs would be useful. Get rid of the hat completely; its blocking the cooling vents!
Posted by: Hullguy

Re: Ad Contest - 09/24/05 03:01 PM

I like the ad. The only suggestion I have is to have a URL to Forums. Make it easy for people to see what owners of Outlaw products think. Jim
Posted by: Mike in Virginia

Re: Ad Contest - 09/24/05 03:10 PM

Great ad. Agree with the comments on the delay, should be "up to 200 ms."

Is the phrase "with OSD on component outputs" really necessary? I don't think that's entirely a positive thing to have on an ad (we'd all really prefer the OSD on all outputs), and I think people will just assume OSD these days. I'd leave the bullet as "Video transcoding."

Could someone check the consistency of the capitalization of the words in the bullets? It looks kind of random to me.

Since there isn't room for a picture of the back panel, would it be useful to have some bullets on the numbers of inputs and outputs, by type, e.g.:
o 3 sets of component inputs
o 4 S-video inputs, 2 S-video outputs (or whatever--I don't have the manual at hand)

Love the colors, definitely eye catching.
Posted by: morphsci

Re: Ad Contest - 09/25/05 01:08 AM

I like the idea of the ad (Who better to use than the original outlaw) but agree with a few others in that the ad looks cheesy. Maybe have the hat attached to a tree with an arrow rather than resting on the 1070.

I would also mention something about customer support. That, even more than price, is what keeps me an outlaw.
Posted by: Mojo04345

Re: Ad Contest - 09/25/05 08:09 AM

I think that this Robin Hood theme can open an entire campaign for other Outlaw products while using this "famous Outlaws of the past" idea. Jesse James buying a 990, never getting a steal like that ever before.... Butch and Sundance with a 7125, maybe even Dirty Harry with a 2150. This much quality at such low prices makes everyone that buys one an Outlaw.
Posted by: mookdoc6

Re: Ad Contest - 09/25/05 01:20 PM

Outlaw is a name Brand. It is a brand that you sell your not selling a theme. Denon,Yamaha,Onkyo,Pioneer,Sony are all brands that have name recognition. That is what your selling name recognition. In 64 point letterhead on top of the page should read OUTLAWAUDIO.COM Tout the highly anticipated arrival of this versitlile receiver. Clean crisp pictures of front and Back necessary. Maybe use a picture of the inside guts as a backdrop. Have some quotes from theater mags touting the quality,construction,price structure. HT magazine quotes of the excellent customer satisfaction Outlaw provides. Features you want to list would be the PC,Digital TV tuner, and latest audio formats. Drop the theme and keep putting the ads out invest resources into the internet site advertise the internet site on your ads the rest will follow. The Outlaws opening up a q/a on there ad campaing is a testament to there cutomers. Thanks Mookdoc6
Posted by: wingnut4772

Re: Ad Contest - 09/25/05 07:13 PM

"We're men. We're men in tights."

I am someone who reads the HT and stereo magazines regularly and I have to say that this ad falls pretty short. It does not convey a strong, confident, sexy image.
Outlaw Audio, to me, is a rugged cowboy, an American trailblazer who answers to no one. Your target demographic is 99% masculine and they all want to have 'manly' equipment. While we all know here that Outlaw makes quality stuff, the goal of an ad is to catch the eye of the uninitiated and to convert them in order to build the bottom line.
I say change it to a cowboy hat and a six shooter and you may be on to something.
Posted by: Cadboy

Re: Ad Contest - 09/26/05 10:13 AM

I agree with needing a rear panel pic. The hat kinda leaves me cold. When you think outlaw, you think of breaking laws. The law of price to performance has not just been broken, it has been gunned down in true Outlaw fashion!

Stay with the cowboy theme. Sherwood comes to mind looking at the Robin Hood theme.
Posted by: Bobbski

Re: Ad Contest - 09/26/05 12:17 PM

I agree with Mike in Virginia. The OSD on component outputs is a plus, but unnecessary. It makes you question what other info is/isn't displayed where. Most people want the video transcoding and is a show-stopper if it isn't there for new receivers.
Posted by: Tito Rules

Re: Ad Contest - 09/26/05 01:34 PM

You should include a back image of the 1070. Don’t underestimate the power of those binding posts.

The 1070’s display looks blurry in the picture. You probably shouldn’t emphasize this “feature” of the 1070 in the ad.

The Robin Hood theme and the text of the ad argue that the 1070 is a great deal, even a steal. But there are many good receivers (e.g. receivers by HK and Yamaha) that cost less than $899 and offer most of the features listed in the sidebar. For example, the HK 435 has nearly identical power specs (same WPC, all channels driven, but lower THD) and offers room EQ for <$600 street. It just isn’t accurate to claim that $899 is “hardly enough to buy a fully-featured, high-performance 7.1 channel A/V receiver.”

If the ad’s primary message is that the 1070 is a great deal at $899, then your primary competition will be NAD and Rotel. If this is the intended market, then you need to emphasize build quality, reliability, and professional reviews. You will also need to clarify that “[w]e design our own products and offer them directly to you” means that Outlaw’s direct internet approach allows you to offer high-quality components for less money than traditional B&M competitors.

It would also help to emphasize the 1070's unique features. The unique features of the 1070 at this price point are DVI SWITCHING and ANALOG BASS MANAGEMENT. Make these features stand out. Bold them, if necessary. Show the back panel of the 1070, so that readers will see the unusual DVI inputs and stop to investigate them. Show a close-up of the bass management toggle switch, so that readers will see how flexible bass management on the 1070 actually is.

The Robin Hood theme might work if the background of the ad shows an audio salesman with “MIDDLE MAN” across his chest pinned to a tree by arrows, while the 1070 with the Robin Hood hat remains proudly in the foreground.
Posted by: Lonster

Re: Ad Contest - 09/26/05 01:46 PM

Many good points already made above.
While I like the color and layout of the Robin Hood ad, I do think you can be as creative with a true Outlaw theme (i.e.: cowboy/gunslinger, etc.).
I ALWAYS like to see a picture of the back of the unit, even if it is at a reduced size. This lets a potential consumer know that there are plenty of input/outputs available, and what type.
Regardless of personal preference, this ad DID catch my eye and made me read it. Just not quite enough POP! to hook me completely.

Posted by: ronrags

Re: Ad Contest - 09/26/05 01:53 PM

I think this ad has gotta go especially the theme of Robin Hood. You guys are a top notch company especially your customer support so there is no need to associate with a theme other than your products speak for itself. I would highlight your original logo plus show a front and rear panel pic.

What sets Outlaw apart from the competion is:

-the 30 day at home trial

-products that are comparable to others at 2x the price

-all your products are well constructed

-all your products have great reviews professionally and from customers

-A great support staff both on-line and on the phone that are knowledgable, friendly and always helpful

-A forum with very knowledgable and helpful customers

These points set you apart and that's what makes you Outlaws, not a hat or a past character.
Posted by: cylinder283

Re: Ad Contest - 09/26/05 01:56 PM

First off, I thought the overall concept of the ad was fine. Outlaw already has a wild west/gunslinger motif going on, so I don't think there's anything wrong with using a Robin Hood theme for a change.

I also liked the layout. The hat was fine, and the forest trail graphic was a good idea as capturing the Robin Hood spirit. However, I agree with those who thought the main Celtic (or whatever) font was a little hard to read. I think the letters need to be spaced a little more apart, and/or go with a different font.

The remainder (including the message text) seemed ok, but I also agree with those who suggested: i) a pic of the back panel; and ii) listing the number/type of inputs/outputs and the supported video/audio formats.

I terms of overall impact, I think I'd be as favorably disposed to this ad as much as any other I've ever run across in a trade magazine.

(Here's a free idea for your next ad: a picture of the inside of a tent, i.e., Robin Hood's tent, with a scantily clad Maid Marian in some sort of provocative pose, and a model 1070 sitting on a table along with some pilfered gold. Caption along the lines of "Even Outlaws need some R&R once in a while.") cool
Posted by: Cadboy

Re: Ad Contest - 09/26/05 01:56 PM

I just think that, as an American product, Robin Hood is more of an English character. I thought of Sherwood Newcastle as more fitting of the image, though not in the value sense.

The build and sound quality for the dollar should be touted, as should the inclusion of only the most practical feature set that allows the user to take full advantage of todays music and movie formats.
Posted by: Audioholic

Re: Ad Contest - 09/26/05 04:34 PM

I like the ad since it plays off of the Outlaw name but diverts from the usual wild west theme. May I suggest a temporary logo change:

Because, unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent.
Posted by: Ritz

Re: Ad Contest - 09/26/05 04:54 PM

Hahaha! That logo is great!

Posted by: alphanstein

Re: Ad Contest - 09/26/05 11:08 PM

I like the ad. I think it caters to 2nd and 3rd generation home theater shoppers. Besides, aren't these shoppers the ones that read the mags anyway, so they will be slightly more educated on the features and benefits and less on the spec for spec comparison.

I think this ad will stick out better on the page turn than the previous ad series.

One other thing to consider is a call to action, a way to see how successful your ads are. We always used special url's or 800 number in our ads and then had some kind of call to action that the target audience would key in on and we could then catch the impressions generated much easier. Of course, this costs money on top of the ads, but you want to drive people to the site to learn and see more.
Posted by: Javachip

Re: Ad Contest - 09/27/05 07:27 AM

Here are my reactions to the ad:

1) The overall look is, well, I would not say "amateurish," but it's just not as elegant or professional looking as something I would expect to see from a company with a big advertising budget. On the other hand, the low-budget look of the ad may actually be exactly what you want, because it echoes Outlaw's philosophy of no-frills, high-value products.

2) "Outlaw" to me suggests the Wild West, not Robin Hood. Building brand identity and recognition requires consistency in the theme of your advertising. Stick to cowboys. On that note, though, I honestly don't like either the name or the logo of the company. Somehow just not sexy enough, and just a strange name for a high-end audio company. (There, I said it. Am I still eligible for the $250 prize?) smile

3) Use the word "audiophile" in the copy. It is a good word that sets the 1070 apart from mass-market receivers.

4) It would be highly desirable to include a brief quote or excerpt from a professional review praising the 1070. This is very important especially for a relatively young company without much history or name recognition.

5) The binding posts and gold-plated RCA connections are a selling point. Show them in a photo or at least mention them in the copy.

6) Consider saying something like "As a Web-based company already famous for our customer service, we can offer audiophile products at unheard-of prices with no dealer markup." Put the website in boldface, or somehow make it more prominent.
Posted by: Oaf

Re: Ad Contest - 09/27/05 12:44 PM

What I really liked about the ad what bringing the bright green back into the picture... The hat would be unnecessary if you went back to the great, glowing, green power button but since that is our, you gotta bring the green back in. As for continuing the campaign, you can follow Errol Flynn's outlaws through the films too and take a shot at Pirates next...
Posted by: lanion

Re: Ad Contest - 09/27/05 01:32 PM

The hat is fantastic. Very cute ad.

I'm against using the word Audiophile. It is so overused it doesn't really mean anything at all.
Posted by: bradley

Re: Ad Contest - 09/27/05 03:15 PM

The colors are great. The 1070 is an impressive receiver at any price point you should emphisize the benefits and price and skip the first paragraph. Drop the paragraph that says "In the 13th Century..." start with "Introducing the Model 1070..." The first paragraph is a hard read.
Posted by: jeffdavis

Re: Ad Contest - 09/27/05 10:21 PM

The add caught my eye on the first pass. It got me to read what you have say. If I saw this in a magazine, I would read it. I did have to look twice to see the address of the web site. Perhaps it would be better/more visible either after or under the "And much more... " over on the right in the list of features. With as little info as is given in the add, make it easy for readers to find out where they can get more info on the product, especially larger, better detailed pictures.
Posted by: merkls

Re: Ad Contest - 09/28/05 12:32 AM

That is the "grayest" black receiver I have ever seen - I think you need a better photo!

I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of the ad, but if you want to stick with it I second javachip's feedback, though I tend to agree with the others that the word "audiophile" is an over-used and under-comprehended descriptor (which perhaps makes it perfect for an ad?).

Posted by: Mitch Coak

Re: Ad Contest - 09/28/05 02:15 PM

I like the overall layout/look.

What I am uncertain about is the target audience.

The use of acronyms in the ad makes it difficult for a newbie to understand the features.

My $0.02.
Posted by: Ranger1000

Re: Ad Contest - 09/28/05 06:03 PM

My first impression was that the Robin Hood theme was lame. The green hat on the 1070 really turns me off. I understand the Robin Hood concept, but I picture my Outlaw's with more of a Western theme. Like "Hey, look what these Outlaws made away with ... and so forth.

When I see that green hat I just keep hearing, "We are men, men in tights!

Also, instead of referring to direct inputs, say 7.1 inputs instead.

In addition, the back of this amp is downright beautiful, and should definately be shown in the ad.
Posted by: curegeorg

Re: Ad Contest - 09/28/05 06:32 PM

id say "full-featured" instead of "fully-featured".

put a comma after "Powerful", "yet...".

why is King's capitalized? you arent talking about any king in specific. same goes for Sheriff...

instead of "it's hardly enough" say "it wasn't enough" or "hasn't been enough". that will tie in that next sentence properly.

start the text directly under the left side of the image (left aligned) that way you can fit more text in OR better yet, get some spacing on the different statements. (like how i have this post formatted in spacing)-makes it much easier to read.

black background and white text is one of the hardest things to read. id recommend pulling that tree image down and having it light colored with features text being black.

have more features listed.-plenty of space in that area, you should fill it up more and have it start across from the text at the left (i.e. up more)

that font for the text at the top is awful.

id take out info/customer service and just list the phone #.

having the "the best values..." underneath the phone number is bad placement, you cant click the phone number. take it out or put it near the url.

the robin hood theme is kind of lame, but with a less cheesy hat, it may be ok.

maybe put a small pic of the back of the unit above the features if you dont list more of them...

1st and 2nd paragraphs pretty much say the same thing.

"how do we" should be "how can we".

id put the outlaw logo and stuff at the bottom right instead of breaking up the text where it is now. that might be a good place for the back pic...

instead of "how to steal like an outlaw", something like "now you can steal like an outlaw too" or something like that.
Posted by: curegeorg

Re: Ad Contest - 09/28/05 06:36 PM

i disagree with putting the word audiophile anywhere in the ad or any ad ever. it is very cliche, and turns me off to whatever else you are trying to say. audiophile says to me snobby, i dont think outlaw is trying to attract that type of person by being value minded.
Posted by: zman

Re: Ad Contest - 09/28/05 09:27 PM

The ad is Ok as stands but how about a different slogan? You need to hook the reader.

"It only seems like stealing, Be an Outlaw"
Posted by: Jed M

Re: Ad Contest - 09/29/05 11:34 AM

I think the ad is to the point and clearly conveys your message, but I prefer the Western sense of the word Outlaw. Like others have mentioned, the green was the first thing I noticed. Nice way of bringing it back.
Posted by: DDavid

Re: Ad Contest - 09/29/05 05:09 PM

Just my opinion. At first glance, it seems to be too green and the picture of the hat too fake. I think you should make the hat smaller and let the 1070 stand out more. It didn't exactly give me the feeling of quality built low price audio from the inception. I'm new to outlaw and I think their products are grrrreat. This ad should make the normal Joe think "wow,high end low price". The fonts need to change. There are some capitalization issues. Outlaw is doing great by not using a woman in a bikini posing with the products. You guys stand behind your products and are well respected by me and I'm sure others as well. Keep it up.
Posted by: joeyjoe

Re: Ad Contest - 09/29/05 09:27 PM

I like the robin hood idea but the ad seems a little cheesy in its quality. I think you should maybe try a different font for the lead line. The outlaw's provide first class product and service at a great price but the ad doesn't seems to inspire confidence in the quality of the products. I think the outlaws need to push the idea that at the same money there is no competition with the same quality.
Posted by: kugumby

Re: Ad Contest - 09/29/05 11:49 PM

I have to admit that I didn't care for it right away. After I read the copy, I liked it a little better, but then someone mentioned that Sherwood would be a better place for it and I have to agree.

I like your current ads in HT. To the point, nothing really flashy. Just solid. It fits your image. If you're going to depart, stick with your current branding. Wild West. The Jesse James suggestion obviously did not come from someone from the Brady Bunch generation. We learned, as did Bobby, that Jesse James was a coward that shot dudes in the back. We don't want him being the Outlaw spokesperson! wink

I'm thinking more along the lines of Clint Eastwood in any spaghetti western....
Posted by: asim

Re: Ad Contest - 09/30/05 08:06 AM

The add is good. I don't think you have to always focus on adds that have to do with outlaws. I'd focus more on what makes you outlaws in the audio industry, what differentiates you from traditional brick and morter stores. Get people thinking "out"side the box of conventional high end audio purchasing, the benefits of buying direct etc.
Posted by: Keta

Re: Ad Contest - 09/30/05 08:42 AM

I'm thinking more along the lines of Clint Eastwood in any spaghetti western....
The Outlaw Josey Wales............. much better than a man in green tights and hat
Posted by: Audioholic

Re: Ad Contest - 09/30/05 09:15 AM

While the Outlaws are at it, how about a Robin Hood themed ad for the 990 processor that hints at it's roots: " From out of the Sherwood Forest comes a high-end home theater processor with an amazing array of features ...... "

That's it then. Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas.
Posted by: HearSee

Re: Ad Contest - 09/30/05 06:09 PM

I still like the old-west motif you started with. How about something like this for the next ad?

Try a front and back add. Picture: Black-hat cowboy, waist up, gun drawn with a 1070 (or 990) under the other arm - yeah it can be on its side. The front page shows the front of the unit and the story text; while the back page view of the same scene shows the back of the unit and has the bulleted specs (use "bullet" bullets instead of dots) and URLs. The trick will be showing a big-enough product image.

Big bold title: "It don't cost much, just buy it!"

Story text: "At Outlaw it doesn't take a six-shooter to get the quality and performance you want. Introducing the fully featured 7.1 channel Model 1070 A/V receiver from Outlaw Audio.
The comprehensive design of the Model 1070 delivers astounding audio performance at a price that could almost be considered a steal. We can offer such low pricing on all our products because we design them ourselves and offer them direct to you. Best of all, for thirty-days, you can audition the 1070 in your own home risk-free. At just $899, you can put your six-shooter away and still get your own Outlaw 1070."

Yes, a bunch of the text is directly from the Ad PDF.

"" needs to be noticeable - big and bold.

I like Hullguy's idea for a URL to the Forum Saloon and Prefect's note on the lip sync specifying the range: "Variable Lip-Sync Delay (0-200ms)"
Posted by: MG

Re: Ad Contest - 10/01/05 08:04 PM

As an Internet only seller, Outlaw has a couple of challenges:

1) There is no presence other than the web site. All marketing materials should make as a central function driving customers to the site. If they don't visit, they don't buy anything. So, placing the URL prominently seems like a requirement. The lower left corner is going to be the least noticed part of anything, so it seems like a bad choice for the URL.

2) Nobody can try the product withou buying.
There are no retail outlets or listening rooms to visit, so someone would have to plunk down thier $900 to see if it's any good. That means everything about the marketing materials needs to convey "Our quality is as good as anything you've ever seen". The desktop-published look of the ad isn't bad or ugly, but it does look inexpensive, which many will interpret as "cheap and low quality" Getting rid of the snazzy fonts and the "front-on" picture of the product would probably help, but I'm no graphic artist.

Beyond those points, I don't know about the hat. It doesn't relate to any branding identity that I know of (not a logo or anything else). Also it dosen't have that strong of a cultural reference. Most people would give you an "Oh yeah..." sort of response once you told them it was a Robin Hood reference. The forest picture, I think, would get much the same reaction.

I'm really interested in buying one of these myself, so from a customer stand point I want to know three things:
What is it?
How much is it?
Where do I get one?

Once I get to the web site...well Outlaw caters to a largely enthusiast community so: specs, specs, and more specs for the unit and lots of pictures!

Just my opinions, take 'em for what you paid for 'em.

Posted by: Duke97

Re: Ad Contest - 10/03/05 04:42 AM

I think the Ad is OK… it looks different from many advertisements in audio/video magazines. It reminds me of the Gateway 2000 ads in the early 1990’s with the CEO and several employees dressed up in silly costumes, like robin hood, or jousting knights, etc. Those Gateway ads did not look too slick or professional, but were effective and fit with the image of a small mid-west company that delivered value in personal computers.

Nonetheless, Outlaw needs to determine how to effectively position its product(s) against the competition. I believe the answer is VALUE in terms of quality relative to price. More specifically: quality of sound, quality of service and quality of construction/components, which together give Outlaw and edge over its competitors.

The ad does not communicate the concept of value; for example, the first technical line (lower right side) mentions 7 x 65 watts per channel… well, Yamaha (a recognized brand with a long history) has a HT receiver priced at $350 less than the 1070 and rated at 95wpc, that was recently written up in the Absolute Sound/Perfect vision. Would a potential customer rather buy an unknown brand that has “less” power and is more expensive, or buy a well known brand with more power that costs 1/3 less? A similar argument could be made with Denon products and many others that have lots of bells and whistles and/or high power ratings. This needs to be considered.

Other thoughts for improvement…
a) The ad layout is a bit busy with roughly 5 sections on the page. One option would be to have one background image: all white, all black or a light image of the forest. Also, the “even robin hood would be proud” text seems to distract from “how to steal like an outlaw.” Finally, people’s eyes are often drawn to areas with the most contrast, as in the lower center of the advertisement (black area that borders the white area). Is the lower center the intended focus of the advertisement or should the focus be on some other area?

b) The web site and saloon discussions are very helpful to new/existing customers and a good sales tool. The web site should be more prominently displayed on ads.

c) I’m also a fan of seeing the back of the unit as several other people mentioned above.
Posted by: SRW1000

Re: Ad Contest - 10/03/05 07:41 PM

I like the add, but would suggest a few changes.

The title font should be spiffed up a bit - shadowing, outline, etc.

I'd use a picture without the blowouts found on the left side across from the title font.

The feather on the cap should be re-shot, to eliminate the colored fringes found on the edges.

I like the ad copy itself.

Posted by: Cadboy

Re: Ad Contest - 10/04/05 11:10 AM

The Outlaws were supposed to randomly select a participant yesterday to win $250 Outlaw bucks.....any word yet?
Posted by: Scott

Re: Ad Contest - 10/04/05 12:37 PM

We'll be posting the winner shortly.

Thanks for the feedback!

Posted by: Lonster

Re: Ad Contest - 10/06/05 03:11 PM

Originally posted by Scott:
We'll be posting the winner shortly.

Thanks for the feedback!

Well?......... confused
Posted by: Cadboy

Re: Ad Contest - 10/06/05 03:56 PM


Is this thing on?
Posted by: Scott

Re: Ad Contest - 10/06/05 05:31 PM

Sorry folks, it's been really busy here the last few days. Hang in there and we'll post shortly...
Posted by: Ranger1000

Re: Ad Contest - 10/06/05 07:51 PM

Okay, it's the use of the word "shortly" that's pissing everyone off. Just say we will will let you know when we are good and ready.
Posted by: Tito Rules

Re: Ad Contest - 10/06/05 08:02 PM

Maybe the delay is related to the immanent release of some new Outlaw products. It would make a lot of sense to announce the contest winner alongside specs (and a reservation list) for the RR2150.
Posted by: wingnut4772

Re: Ad Contest - 10/06/05 09:35 PM

Ooohhh...and Ranger gets disqualified . Thank you for playing Ranger. Here is your copy of the home game. laugh
Posted by: painttoad

Re: Ad Contest - 10/06/05 10:02 PM

...and how long does it take to say "painttoad wins"...
Posted by: Ranger1000

Re: Ad Contest - 10/07/05 08:34 AM

Ooops... Looks like I got into the beers last night. I better check the other forums to see what other opinions I had.
Posted by: Scott

Re: Ad Contest - 10/07/05 09:46 AM

The Outlaws would like to thank everyone who offered an opinion in this thread as part of the discussion about our new advertisement for the Model 1070 receiver. You will note that this thread is now locked, as the period during which we were accepting comments for the Outlaw Bucks drawing has ended. Should anyone wish to continue the conversation, feel free to open a thread in the Outlaw to Outlaw section of the Saloon.

It is clear that the members of the Outlaw family are a very insightful group. Your comments are appreciated, and we will give them all serious consideration as we put together a series of new ads for both our current products and some new ones yet to be announced.

In a drawing held at the Hideout from all the names in this thread, the winner of $250 in unrestricted Outlaw bucks is "zman". Congratulations!

Once again, our thanks to all who participated here. Stay tuned for more news shortly from the Outlaws. After all, there is more being hatched at the Hideout than ads!